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The system includes a sensor assembly comprising a body implantable physiological sensor for controlling a body implantable action device operable to act upon the body in response to changes in a physiological parameter sensed by the sensor. The body implantable action device can be a heart pacing d ...

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An energy transmission system for transmitting energy non-invasively from an external unit to an implanted medical device to recharge a battery in the medical device. An alternating magnetic field is generated by the external charging unit and a piezoelectric device in the implanted medical device v ...

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The apparatus for pacing a heart in accordance with the heart rate needed to produce a required cardiac output while the person is exercising, comprises a pacer adapted to be implanted in a human body and having a pulse generator and control circuitry (e.g. including a microprocessor) therein, a pac ...

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An electronic electrode switching/selection circuit minimizes the number of feedthroughs from a pacer case to a pacer neck needed to connect with pacing lead electrodes that will be actively used during operation of a pacer. These feedthroughs can be electronically connected with the desired electro ...

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A method of verifying cardiac capture. A cardiac signal evoked in response to a cardiac stimulation pulse is sensed via an electrode. The sensed signal is lowpass filtered to remove noise and to pass frequencies characteristic of the evoked cardiac signal. The filtered signal is processed to render ...

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A method and apparatus for evaluating heart rate variability of the heart of a person in order to forecast a cardiac event. A cardiac stimulator receives heart beat signals from the heart and determines a measurement of heart rate variability based on statistical data derived from the heart beat sig ...

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An implantable electrical method and apparatus for the treatment of cancer tumors based on the usage of various levels of electrical fields and current to assist in specific ways to reduce tumor size.

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An implantable, rate responsive pacemaker, sensitive to impedance changes in the heart, wherein the cardiac pacing rate and maximum cardiac pacing rate, or either of them, are adjusted as a function of an interval between either the administration of a pacing pulse or the detection of the R-wave and ...

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A capture detection circuit for an implantable cardiac stimulator. A signal detected by an electrode in the heart following delivery of a stimulating pulse is amplified, bandpass and highpass filtered, rectified, integrated over a selected window of time starting at a selected delay after delivery o ...

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An implantable medical device, such as a pacemaker, for electrically stimulating the heart to beat includes two or more node logic units connected by communication paths over which signals between nodes are conducted. Each node can provide pacing energy to an electrode and amplify electrical signals ...