Errol F Andrews, Edward A Peterson, Jeffrey N Casbolt, Kevin E Holt, John M McMillan, Robert E Whiting: Coupling for earth moving tools etc.. Maroochy Shire Council, Schwartz Jeffery Schwaab Mack Blumenthal & Koch, November 6, 1984: US04480955 (49 worldwide citation)

A quick release and attachment coupling for operating tools for earthmoving or excavating machines having an attachment head pivotally mounted on the boom of the machine. A locating head is fixed to, or formed integrally with, an operating tool and has a pair of spaced side plates, and stop members ...

Edward A Peterson: Vehicle mountable carrier for three-wheeled scooter and the like. Gregory J Nelson, April 30, 1991: US05011361 (49 worldwide citation)

A carrier for scooters of the type used by disabled persons, which carrier is attachable to a motor vehicle. The carrier has a mast with a power lift which moves a foldable platform between a lowered and a raised position. A weight-sensitive pedal on the platform responds to the presence of a load a ...

Edward A Peterson, Gail A Peterson: Lifting system for transporting vehicle. Gregory J Nelson, July 11, 1995: US05431526 (48 worldwide citation)

A lift mountable in a transporting vehicle for loading and unloading objects such as small motorized carts. The lift includes an adjustable stand and pivotal boom assembly. An electric motor selectively operates a drum on which is wound a lifting cable or strap which terminates at a lifting hook or ...

Edward A Peterson: Towing device with wheel restraint. Gregory J Nelson, July 30, 1996: US05540540 (18 worldwide citation)

A tow dolly for a vehicle having a wheel restraint which has a hold-down rotatable to engage a surface of the wheel to restrain movement of the towed vehicle. The restraint may be retrofit onto an existing trailer or may be part of a dolly including an adjustable frame attachable to a towing vehicle ...

Edward A Peterson: Lift for vehicle hoods and the like. Gregory J Nelson, February 1, 2005: US06848525 (1 worldwide citation)

A lift for opening and closing truck hoods. The lift has a primary actuator with a pair of upper and lower thrust rods oppositely reciprocal within a housing driven by a reversible motor and chain. The rods are connected to the firewall and hood at pivotal connections. The connection on the hood may ...

Edward A Peterson Jr: Folded cavity antenna. March 2, 1993: USH0001151

An antenna which conforms to the surface of a spacecraft can be a thin slot antenna which can be formed to the shape of the craft in combination with a compact ground plane formed of T-shaped or L-shaped pieces.

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