Edward A Lottick: Electrocautery instrument. Michael F Petock, June 25, 1991: US05026370 (322 worldwide citation)

An electrocautery instrument which is provided with a non-removable enclosed electrical switching mechanism. The entire switch assembly may be sealed from human contact by an insulating medium.

Edward A Lottick: Electrocautery hemostat. Michael F Petock, February 1, 1983: US04370980 (306 worldwide citation)

An electrocautery hemostat is provided which may be used as a hemostatic clamping device and an apparatus for cauterizing bleeding blood vessels during surgery. The electrocautery hemostat is comprised of a pair of pivoted members which form at one end mating jaws for enabling the clamping of a blee ...

Edward A Lottick: Electrocautery hemostat. Michael F Petock, May 26, 1992: US05116332 (289 worldwide citation)

Improved electrocautery instruments, particularly instruments better adapted for manufacture at lower costs, are disclosed including an electrocautery hemostat comprised of a hemostat provided with clam shell synthetic plastic handles with a switch incorporated therein. The mirror image plastic clam ...

Edward A Lottick: Removable switch electrocautery instruments. Michael F Petock, November 12, 1985: US04552143 (270 worldwide citation)

A family of removable switch electrocautery instruments is provided by springably releasably mounting a switch means to an instrument provided with a conductive member adapted to come into contact with living tissue and a handle member. The handle member may be formed of conductive material covered ...

Edward A Lottick: Anal dilator and occluder. Michael F Petock, August 18, 1987: US04686985 (53 worldwide citation)

An inflatable device is disclosed which is comprised of three chambers which are adapted to be inserted partially into the rectum and inflated. The first chamber would be positioned within the rectum, the second within the anal sphincter muscles and the third outside of the body between the buttocks ...

Edward A Lottick: Stackable non-spillable drinking container. Michael F Petock, January 22, 1985: US04494668 (43 worldwide citation)

A non-spillable drinking container is manufactured in assemblable parts which provide stackability and reduced manufacturing costs. The drinking container utilizes a perforated expandable diaphragm mounted or formed over a base plate. The container is preferably frustro-conical in shape to provide s ...

Edward A Lottick: Non-spillable drinking container. Michael F Petock, April 10, 1984: US04441640 (24 worldwide citation)

A non-spillable drinking container is comprised of a resiliently flexible material with a drinking tube or straw sealably mounted therethrough. The drinking tube or straw is moveable toward and away from the bottom of the container. The lower end of the drinking tube is provided with an elastic diap ...