Edward A Czech, Ronald W Goodrich, Kevin L Crawford: Rotary bus lift with power stowable platform. The Braun Corporation, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, January 19, 1993: US05180275 (91 worldwide citation)

Passive rotary wheelchair lift that is retrofittable in transit vehicles on either the forward or rearward edge of a side double-door step well. The lift employs in its preferred embodiment a double slide tube having a box frame with a cross header. A hydraulic cylinder actuates a pair of chains, on ...

Ralph W Braun, Edward A Czech, Keith L Heath: Rotary wheelchair lift. The Braun Corporation, Jacques M Dulin, May 12, 1987: US04664584 (64 worldwide citation)

A rotary wheelchair lift comprising a hydraulic lift having a vertically telescoping slide tube and a horizontal wheelchair platform support arm attached to the lower end thereof. The arm supports a wheelchair platform having a front safety barrier, a rear entry ramp which folds up to become a rear ...

Edward A Czech, Alfred L Budd: Semi-ambulatory companion seating system and method. Braun Corporation, Jacques M Dulin, June 11, 1996: US05524952 (32 worldwide citation)

A semi-ambulatory companion seating system including a base unit assembly, a carriage assembly, and a pivotable seat support assembly. The base unit assembly includes spaced apart side rails, each having an external and an internal track. Each of the internal tracks are generally horizontal througho ...

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