Fulvio Foschini, Pierre Roy, Edoardo Stagni, Giovanni Cavallo, Giulio Luciani: Device and method for corneal delivery of riboflavin by iontophoresis for the treatment of keratoconus. SOOFT ITALIA, Young & Thompson, July 11, 2017: US09700456

Ocular iontophoresis device and method for delivering any ionized drug solution to the cornea includes: a reservoir containing a solution suitable to be positioned on the eye; an active electrode disposed in or on the reservoir; and a passive electrode suitable to be placed on the skin of the subjec ...

Marcello STAGNI, Edoardo STAGNI, Massimo FILIPPELLO, Giovanni CAVALLO, Eugenio SODO: Use of enhancers, possibly associated to riboflavin, as well as corresponding ophthalmic compositions for corneal cross-linking in the treatment of the keratoconus or of other corneal ectasic disorders. Sooft Italia, June 23, 2011: US20110152219-A1

The use of enhancers with possibly riboflavin, as well as the corresponding compositions for the treatment of keratoconus or other ectasic corneal disorders by the method of corneal cross-linking.

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