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The invention described herein pertains to a combination hydraulic thermodynamic prime mover, for the conversion of thermal energy from low-temperature heat sources, such as solar heat, geothermal steam of poor quality and waste heat of all kinds, into useful mechanical or electrical power, employin ...

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A one-shot device for detecting the application of a compressive load of predetermined amount which includes a first and a second electrically conductive metallic member, each of which has a substantially planar face. The first member is made of a material which is harder and less ductile than the m ...

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The invention described herein is a Method and Process for the direct absorption of radiant solar-thermal energy by and within a radiant-heat absorbing fluid.

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A device making use of the gravity generated imbalance within a portion of the system confined upward and downward flowing liquid. A condensed gas of lower boiling point is induced to the portion of the upward flowing heated liquid of higher boiling point. The formation of gas bubbles upon evaporati ...

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A continuous stream of compressed air is introduced to a elongated chamber surrounded by a distribution jacket for introducing water at substantially the same pressure via a multitude of inward directed tubular members into the stream of axially moving, decompressing air. The stream of partially dec ...

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The disclosure relates to a method for making artificial snow involving the induction of compressed air into an annular disposed chamber and through a multitude of circumferentially and longitudinally spaced, radially inward directed orifices to be mixed with a steady stream of water. The mixture is ...

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A variable capacitance device generally intended for use in measuring the mass flow of air while passing through an engine-manifold. The device is capable of responding to the impingement of a stream of air on its flexible capacitor plate located within an air conveying duct, in which the impingemen ...

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Apparatus for obtaining the mass flow rate of engine aspirated air. An ultrasonic transducer measures the density of atmospheric air, while coincidentally measuring the velocity of air within a venturi of an engine air induction tube. The two individual measurements produce a single electric output ...

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Apparatus for maintaining the correct air/fuel mixture in internal combustion engines. In the preferred embodiment, the density of atmospheric air at concurrent temperature and barometric pressure conditions is sensed by an acoustical transducer whose electric output is electronically correlated wit ...

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A noncontact, infrared energy measuring transducer senses the water content in snow by measuring the average intensity of infrared radiant energy emitted by the snow at substantially below freezing temperature, and the intensity of thereon superimposed infrared radiant energy emitted by an amount of ...