Edmond J Murphy: Fiber-waveguide self alignment coupler. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Wendy W Koba, January 27, 1987: US04639074 (66 worldwide citation)

An optical fiber-to-waveguide coupler is disclosed which automatically aligns five of the six possible degrees of freedom associated with the alignment process. Silicon v-grooves (22) are used to hold the fibers (24) in place in the silicon substrate (20), but in contrast to prior art arrangements, ...

Frederick H Fischer, Edmond J Murphy, Trudie C Rice: Formation of features in optical material. AT&T Bell Laboratories, James H Fox, July 1, 1986: US04598039 (53 worldwide citation)

A laser or other source of radiant electromagnetic energy removes optically transparent material (e.g., LiNbO.sub.3) to form various structures. To enhance coupling the radiant energy to the optical material, a layer of an ablative absorber (e.g., a metal or organic material) can be used. Alternatel ...

Edmond J Murphy: Leadframe-based optical assembly. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Wendy W Koba, March 31, 1992: US05101465 (35 worldwide citation)

A leadframe-based optical assembly is disclosed which is suitable for use with either transmitter or receiver optical assemblies. The leadframe includes a number of separate sections, each leadframe section being associated with a separate optical assembly. A particular leadframe section includes a ...

Edmond J Murphy: Optical waveguide lateral alignment arrangement. American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT&T Bell Laboratories, Wendy W Koba, February 16, 1988: US04725114 (34 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for providing optical coupling between a pair of substrates is disclosed. The arrangement is capable of providing automatic alignment in the lateral direction, that is, the direction perpendicular to the direction of optical signal flow along the surface of the optical substrate. In a ...

William J Minford, Edmond J Murphy, Trudie C Rice: Etching of titanium. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Peter V D Wilde, November 19, 1985: US04554050 (25 worldwide citation)

The specification describes a technique for etching titanium using EDTA compounds. It is especially useful for selective etch processes such as those used to form titanium diffused waveguides in lithium niobate crystals.

Robert L Batdorf, Edmond J Murphy, Tommy L Poteat, Jay R Simpson: Array connector for optical fibers. American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT&T Bell Laboratories, Wendy W Koba, August 9, 1988: US04762387 (19 worldwide citation)

An array connector for optical fibers is disclosed which utilizes a plurality of grooves formed in the array substrate to hold the fibers. The connector is to be used with fibers having at least one sectional view substantially flattened side, where polarization maintaining fibers may be formed to a ...

Edmond J Murphy: Digital optical switch and modulator and a method for digital optical switching and modulation. Lucent Technologies, January 14, 1997: US05594818 (15 worldwide citation)

A digital optical switch and a method for digital optical modulation are disclosed. The digital optical switch is comprised of an optical waveguide having an input control region, a connection region, and a separation region, and a generator which generates a smoothly varying electric field in an in ...

Glenn D Bergland, Edmond J Murphy, Walter M Pitio: Hybrid architecture for an optical switching fabric implemented with 1.times.2 switching devices. AT&T, David Volejnicek, June 4, 1996: US05524154 (13 worldwide citation)

A hybrid optical switching-fabric architecture, for implementation via Y-branch switching elements, comprises an 8.times.8 array (100) of eighty Y-branch switching elements (110) configured as a Benes outer layer (105) consisting of two columns (105a, 105b) of four 2.times.2 networks (103) and an ac ...

Frederick H Fischer, Edmond J Murphy, Trudie C Rice: Reducing bend and coupling losses in integrated optical waveguides. American Telephone and Telegraph Company AT&T Bell Laboratories, Scott W McLellan, March 7, 1989: US04810049 (13 worldwide citation)

A groove is disposed in a substrate longitudinally along the outside radius of a bent integrated optical waveguide to constrain the mode of optical energy propagating therein such that the optical energy that would normally be radiated is confined to the waveguide, thereby reducing transmission loss ...

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The invention relates to optical communications using techniques for providing efficient high speed polarization bit interleaving. One common architecture for high-speed time-division-multiplexing employs two modulators having a same bit rate, wherein two separately modulated streams of data bits ar ...