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A computer systems which combines the capabilities of both notepad and notebook computers. The main housing includes an liquid crystal display display with a digitizer input to be used as the display in all modes and the input device when used with a stylus in notepad mode. Also located in the main ...

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A system comprises an electronic device, a peripheral component and a cable. The cable couples the peripheral component to the electronic device. The cable further comprises a connector end for connection to a standard port on the electronic device. The connector end has an abutment feature designed ...

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Several unique features of a key switch housing and plunger are disclosed which may be employed to provide a keyboard having improved noise and feel characteristics. A system of key plunger up-stops is used to reduce the noise produced by key return while preventing removal of the plunger from the c ...

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An electronic device locking system, comprising a display member coupled to a base member to enable variable positioning of the display member relative to the base member and a post engagable with a latch to secure the display member in a fixed position relative to the base member.

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Method and apparatus for controlling removal of gaseous cryogen from a continuous tunnel type freezer wherein the cryogen and product to be frozen travel in counterflow heat exchange relation to minimize ambient atmosphere moving into the tunnel and out of the exhaust system with the exhausted gaseo ...