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A continuous vacuum drainage system for wound drainage. A base unit has apparatus responsive to releasable attachment thereto of a drain reservoir for evacuating the reservoir to a subatmospheric pressure in a predetermined range. The drain reservoir is continuously operable before, during and after ...

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A fluid control for powering and supplying coolant liquid to gas operated surgical and dental tools and for supplying irrigant to a suction-irrigation handpiece, selectively by remove control from a surgical or dental operating site. A console remote from the operating site has a pressurized gas sou ...

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A one-piece hydraulic circuit is provided for use with a blood dialyzer for performing functions currently performed with a multiplicity of blood inlet and outlet sets and related items comprising flexible tubing and the like.

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An irrigation-suction handpiece assembly, for dental and surgical use at an operating site, includes a handle containing longitudinally extending, side-by-side suction and irrigant passageways respectively connectible to a source of subatmospheric pressure (i.e., a vacuum source) and an irrigant flu ...

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A device, which may be used in a dialysis system, is disclosed for separating low density material such as gas bubbles from a liquid by swirling the liquid, to cause the bubbles to migrate toward the center of the swirling liquid. A liquid storage chamber having side walls of generally circular cros ...