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Electric power is supplied to downhole equipment, such as a submergible pump, by a power cable that is joined to a support cable by a cable carrier as the carrier and cables are fed into a well. The carrier comprises laterally displaced resilient clamping sections that are clamped about respective c ...

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This invention provides oilfield spooled coiled tubing production and completion strings assembled at the surface to include sensors and one or more controlled devices which can be tested from a remote location. The devices may have upsets in the coiled tubing. The strings preferably include conduct ...

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A method for installing a submersible pump assembly that allows deployment in a live well under pressure. In some of the embodiments, a pressure barrier is installed in the well lower than a length of the submersible pump assembly. The submersible pump assembly is lowered on a line into the chamber, ...

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Apparatus for deploying and energizing pumping apparatus including a submergible electric motor comprises a cable socket assembly and a cable connecting-and-sealing chamber assembly. The cable socket assembly has a housing that is connected at a lower end to an upper end of a housing of the cable co ...

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An electrical line for installation in a well for transmitting power to a well pump includes a string of coiled tubing. An electrical cable having insulated electrical conductors embedded within an elastomeric jacket extends longitudinally through the interior passage of the tubing. Retainers are mo ...

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An electro-mechanical cable for use in cable deployed pumping systems includes a containment layer surrounding a cable core and constructed to restrain outward radial expansion of the core while permitting longitudinal expansion.

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A bearing configuration for use in electrical submersible pumps having improved stability. The bearing configurations include multi-lobed bearings, such as lemon bore, tri-lobe bearings, pocket bearings and tilting pad type bearings.

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A cable suspended pumping system has a conventional subsurface safety valve, close to the surface, controlled by a conventional safety valve operating line. The safety valve is located in a tube that provides a flow passage through a packer. The cable is divided into an upper section above the packe ...

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An electrical line for a well pump has elastomeric supports clamped to the exterior of electrical cable for supporting the cable within coiled tubing. The cable supports have an elastomeric member that swells when contacted with a hydrocarbon liquid. Each expansion member is clamped to the cable ext ...

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An electrical submersible pump assembly has first and second modular component sections, each of the sections having an outer housing and an inner shaft member. A coupling sleeve having a bore is disposed between the modular component sections and receives the shaft member of each of the component s ...