Dwight W Decker, Payne Freret, Dirk Hughes Hartogs, Mark B Flowers, Frederick L Mueller: Speech and data multiplexor optimized for use over impaired and bandwidth restricted analog channels. Telebit Corporation, Donald C Feix, July 12, 1988: US04757495 (278 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for the simultaneous transmission of analog speech and modulated data, such apparatus and method being optimized for use over impaired and bandwidth restricted analog channels, or digital representations of such channels. In each instance of u ...

Dwight W Decker, Gary A Anwyl, Mark D Dankberg, Mark J Miller, Stephen R Hart, Kristi A Jaska: Multi-channel trellis encoder/decoder. Telebit Corporation, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, December 25, 1990: US04980897 (234 worldwide citation)

A multi-channel trellis encoder/decoder is disclosed for use with multi-channel data transmission systems. For each data transmission symbol interval, trellis encoding is applied across all available channels, and for each data reception symbol interval trellis decoding is applied across all availab ...

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