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A handle attachment including a mounting mechanism configured to couple the handle attachment to a computing machine and a clutch mechanism configured to reposition the handle attachment and lock the handle attachment in at least one position from the computing machine.

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Disclosed embodiments relate to altering the flexibility of a display device. A method for altering the flexibility of a display device may include sending a signal, by a circuit, to alter the temperature of a first section of a display device comprising the first section and a second section. The f ...

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Embodiments provide methods, apparatuses, and systems for which include support members having a port disposed thereon. The port may be accessible while the support member is an extended position. The port may be inaccessible or isolated while the support member is a stowed position.

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A computing device latching assembly comprises a latching member configured to releasably secure an accessory to a computing device, and a release mechanism actuatable to move the latching member from a locking position to an unlocked position and to cause the latching member to urge the accessory a ...

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A system including a flexible mount that can be coupled to a computing device. A port can be attached to the flexible mount. The flexible mount can conform to the chassis of the computing device.

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Heat dissipation apparatus for dissipating heat generated by a heat-generating component mounted to a circuit board. In one embodiment, the heat dissipation apparatus includes a thermally-conductive heat sink adapted to be placed in contact with the heat-generating component, a bracket adapted to ho ...

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In one embodiment, a support tray that may be used in a notebook computer charging system includes a body adapted to support a power adapter, and a platform extending out from the body, the platform being adapted to support a notebook computer.

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A pop-out connector port array for provision in a computing device. The array includes an extensible connector port array member that can be transitioned from an initial retracted position in which the array member is contained within the computing device to an extended position in which the array m ...

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A method comprises detecting two fingers touching a first object icon on a touch sensitive display and then moving in generally opposing directions. The first object icon is associated with on or more constituent elements. In response to such detecting, the method causes additional object icons to a ...

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Embodiments of the present invention disclose a stylus having a retractable connector for use with a computing device. According to one embodiment, the stylus includes an outer housing and a connector configured to attach to a port on the computing device so as to maintain the stylus in a fixed posi ...