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A liquid-conveying hose having reinforcing bands of cord reinforcing material extending around the hose body at an angle to the axis of the hose body, the angle being lower at one end of the hose than the other to cause the hose to have variable flexibility along its length.

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1,245,968. Differentially reinforced hose. UNIROYAL Ltd. 27 Aug., 1969 [6 June, 1968], No. 26998/68. Heading F2P. A hose for suction and discharge of oil is differentially reinforced from one end to the other by plies, the number of plies being reduced at spaced intervals from the substantially rigi ...

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1,185,508. Hoses. UNIROYAL Ltd. 6 Sept., 1968 [14 Sept., 1967], No. 41907/67. Heading F2P. A hose which is capable of floating when filled with water has a body which is reinforced by a helically extending member 11 of glass fibre, adjacent turns of the helix being separated by a helically extending ...

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A pressure sensitive electrically conductive material comprising a non-conductive matrix of flexible elastomeric material, the matrix containing electrically conductive particles, some of which particles are silicon and others of which are particles of at least one other electrically conductive mate ...

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1,253,545. Buoyant pipes. UNIROYAL Ltd. 27 Aug., 1969 [6 June, 1968], No. 26997/68. Heading F2P. A hose for loading and discharging oil on and from oil tankers is rendered floatable in sea when itself is full of sea water by a covering of materials which are not vulcanized after application to the h ...