Odis L Avant, Duane A Crawford: Stapling method and apparatus for vesicle-urethral re-anastomosis following retropubic prostatectomy and other tubular anastomosis. Odis L Avant, Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, October 17, 1989: US04873977 (468 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for effecting anastomosis of the distal urethra and the bladder neck includes a tubular urethral sound. An inflatable anvil is selectively connected to the sound through an opening in the urethra adjacent the prostate. The sound is then retracted outwardly to position the anvil in the uret ...

Odis L Avant, Duane A Crawford: Method and apparatus for effecting dorsal vein ligation and tubular anastomosis and laparoscopic prostatectomy. Odis Lynn Avant, Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, September 10, 1991: US05047039 (293 worldwide citation)

A ligator assembly comprising a hollow, two-piece, bullet-shaped case dimensioned to be inserted in and through a body member, a pair of suture needles carried by the case, and a suture affixed to the needles. The case is provided with a pair of guide tubes for retaining the needles and guiding them ...

Odis L Avant, Duane A Crawford: Method of effecting dorsal vein ligation. Odis L Avant, Mason Fenwick & Lawrence, July 18, 1989: US04848367 (110 worldwide citation)

A method of effecting dorsal vein ligation comprising the steps of positioning a selectively actuable radially expandable member in the urethra adjacent the dorsal vein, actuating the radially expandable member to effect urethral distention outwardly against the dorsal vein to effect substantial clo ...

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