Douglas L Peterson: Temporary grass playing field. 3 Dimensional Services, Gifford Groh Sprinkle Patmore and Anderson, May 10, 1994: US05309846 (26 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for creating a temporary grass playing field. The system includes a plurality of substantially identical pallets, each pallet having a base with a top surface and a bottom surface. The pallets are polygonal in shape and are adapted to abut against each other to form the playing ...


Douglas L Peterson: Temporary lawn play ground. 3 Dimensional Services, August 8, 1995: JP1995-203766

PURPOSE: To form natural lawn at any desired place, to utilize it as a play ground and to easily remove it when it is not needed. CONSTITUTION: This play ground is composed of a lot of the practically same palettes 12 provided with base plates 18 having front sides 20 and rear sides 22 and having po ...