John H Duerksen, Donald J Anderson, Doug J McCallum, Mark Petrick: Single well injection and production system. Chevron Research and Technology Company, Edward J Keeling, David J Power, July 21, 1992: US05131471 (24 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for fluid injection and oil production from a single wellbore which includes providing a path of communication between the injection and production zones.

Donald J Anderson, John H Duerksen, Doug J McCallum, Mark Petrick: Method of recovering hydrocarbons using single well injection/production system. Chevron Research Company, Edward J Keeling, David J Power, Robert D Touslee, June 18, 1991: US05024275 (12 worldwide citation)

Production of viscous hydrocarbons is initiated by first injecting an injection fluid down at least two tubing strings in a wellbore having multiple tubing strings therein. Following an initiation phase, flow of injection fluid in the production tubing string is ceased, and production of formation f ...