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Liquid crystals which have the property of changing color in response to temperature variations are contained in packages and are carried by an article of clothing. These packages sense the temperature of the skin at a control area and at an area that is related to the reproductive system. The gradi ...

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The system scans a device such as printed circuit board, under rigid geometrical and repeatable constraints. The infrared radiated from the electronic component is detected during each scan and compared to a preprogrammed expected result. The result of the comparison is printed out for evaluation.

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A means and method of providing a signal representative of the signal across semi-conductor junctions without loading the junctions or a means and method of determining the quality of thermal bonds includes an adjustable support for the device with a junction or bond, and a radiation detector respon ...

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A system for placing, soldering and inspecting component parts, such as soldered joints and electronic components, on a printed circuit board 26 utilizes a transfer device 10 for selecting and transferring specific electronic component parts 30 to predetermined positions on a printed circuit board a ...


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A hollow dipstick is provided for immersion in molten material to determine the temperature of the molten material at any desired depth. The hollow dipstick is connected to an infrared detector by means of an optical fiber bundle for producing a signal indicative of the temperature of the molten mat ...

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The optical fiber assembly for conveying laser radiation is comprised of a glass rod (14) having an input end and an output end for transmitting laser radiation. First optical fibers extend parallel to and surround the glass rod (14) with the input ends thereof coincident with the input end of the g ...