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When a computer user is granted access to certain capabilities of a computer he is often given a password signifying these capabilities. A problem arises in that unauthorized users may copy the password and so gain access to the capabilities. In the present invention an enciphered message relating t ...

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A spectrometer construction incorporates a single lens system (11) to both focus light input to the spectrometer on a diffraction grating (9) and to focus the light dispersed by the diffraction grating into separate spectral constituents back through that lens onto an image plane (15) for processing ...

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A dual sensor wavefront correction system is adaptable to correcting wavefronts including wavefronts that are severely scintillated. The system includes a Hartmann wavefront sensor as well as a unit shear lateral shearing interferometer (LSI) wavefront sensor. The optical output signals from the Har ...

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An image processing system and method for performing optical signal processing including target recognition and filtering. The system is particularly useful in remote or mobile imaging processing systems where the data gathering capabilities exceed the ability of the system to transmit this data ove ...

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A method and apparatus are described for determining relative amounts of first and second gases in an unknown mixture of gases. Radiant energy is directed serially through reference volumes of the first and second gases and a volume of the unknown gas. The absorption of the radiant energy by the res ...



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An improved lateral shearing interferometer system for use with an original optical wavefront and a displaced optical wavefront having a phase difference from the original optical wavefront is disclosed. It comprises a lateral shearing interferometer that responds to the original optical wavefront a ...