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A phase change ink composition is indirectly applied to a substrate by raising the temperature of the phase change ink composition to form a liquid phase change ink composition, applying droplets of the phase change ink composition in a liquid phase to a liquid intermediate transfer surface on a sol ...

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A phase change ink carrier composition is combined with a compatible colorant to form a phase change ink composition of this invention. A thin film of substantially uniform thickness of that phase change ink carrier composition, and the ink produced therefrom, has a high degree of lightness and chro ...

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A method and the apparatus for employing the method are disclosed whereby an intermediate transfer surface of a layer of sacrificial liquid is applied to a supporting surface and a phase change ink is deposited on the liquid layer. The inked image is then contact transferred to a final receiving sub ...

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A phase change ink composition is disclosed wherein the ink composition utilizes polymeric dyes in combination with a selected phase change ink carrier composition.

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A method for producing a light-transmissive phase change ink printed substrate is described which comprises providing a substrate, and then printing on at least one surface of the substrate a predetermined pattern of a light-transmissive phase change ink which initially transmits light in a non-rect ...


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Phase change inks containing at least one colorant that comprises at least one metal phthalocyanine tetraamide chromogen, at least one metal phthalocyanine tetraester chromogen, or mixtures thereof.


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The invention includes colorless compounds having a central core and at least two arms extending from the core. The core can comprise one or more atoms. The at least two arms have the formula

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Resins and waxes made by reacting selected nucleophiles, including alcohols and/or amines, with an isocyanate are disclosed. The order of addition of the isocyanate and the different nucleophiles can tailor the distribution of di-urethane, mixed urethane/urea, and/or di-urea molecules in the final r ...