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Novel impulse ink or bubble jet inks are disclosed which comprise 90-99.9% by weight of aqueous sol-gel medium and 0.1-10% by weight colorant. The inks are thermally reversible sol-gels which are gels at ambient temperatures and sols at temperatures between about 40.degree.-100.degree. C.

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An ink jet printer comprising a plurality of ink jets arranged for dot-on-dot continuous ink jet printing, at least two of said plurality of ink jets being supplied with ink of the same dye and different densities. A printed article and a method of printing are also disclosed.

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A method for calibrating a multi-printhead printing system, the method includes the steps of employing an encoder to track movement of a media through the printing system; providing a first printhead that prints a first image plane that includes a first test mark at a first defined location on the m ...

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A method of felting partially cured open cell polychloroprene latex foam to obtain desired foam member properties with intricate geometric shapes. Such felting renders the finished foam suitable for controlled ink flow required for printing purposes. The foam is open cell latex polychloroprene, cure ...

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A system and method for optimizing print quality of print media is for use on an ink jet printing system with a drop generator and an orifice plate disposed on the drop generator, wherein the orifice plate comprises nozzles forming a jet array. The drop generator is adapted to modulate ink volume pe ...

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A mordanting substrate is provided including a porous substrate, and, distributed within the substrate, a mordanting agent. Preferably, the substrate is a fibrous cellulosic material, and the mordanting agent is a cationic polymer that is soluble in polar solvents, preferably water-soluble. The pola ...

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A deflection electrode for use in a continuous ink jet printing device molded of powdered ultra high molecular weight polyethylene combined with carbon black and subjected to oxygen plasma treatment.

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A method of felting an open cell polychloroprene latex foam layer to obtain desired properties. Such felting renders the finished foam suitable for controlled ink flow required for printing purposes. The felting is accomplished by reducing the volume of the foam and simultaneously heating at a tempe ...

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Reducing waste in a digital printing system (200) includes moving media (214) through a web transport system (205) at a first speed. A first job is printed on the print media and a downstream finishing device (203) in a first configuration acts on the media. The web slows to a second speed prior the ...