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A device for both entering and displaying information includes imaging circuitry in which a plurality of elements each has a visual characteristic which is visible at a writing surface and which depends on electrically stimulating the element via conductive circuitry, the imaging circuitry is arrang ...

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An improved torque lug drive for a multidisc brake and wheel assembly having greater resistance to torque loading than earlier designs at lower weight. The torque transmitting beam is mechanically secured to the radially inner surface of the wheel rim adjacent the wheel rim flange, for example, by a ...

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An annular locking ring for use on an aircraft wheel that has a pair of separable wheel sections wherein the locking ring has a lobe section and a leg section. The cross-sectional shape of the leg section has a pair of spaced linear portions that are interconnected at their one ends while the cross- ...

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A novel light wherein the source of illumination is an array of light emitting diodes mounted on a printed circuit board. The board is contained within an impact resistant housing. Several different embodiments are disclosed for the housing, including injection molded and extruded variants.