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Continuous power and a high rate clock are supplied to a calculator while it is in an execute mode and is actually decoding and processing input information, but lower duty cycle power and lower duty cycle clock pulses are supplied during the subsequent display mode, when the only requirement is to ...

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An accountability system for a vending machine system having means for vending products and means for determining credit, the accountability system comprising a portable electronic data file module which is removable from the system, and means for collecting transaction data from the vending machine ...

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A programmable accountability apparatus for installation into a vending machine is disclosed. The accountability apparatus comprises a plurality of monitoring wires attachable to points within the vending machine carrying AC signals selected for monitoring, means for converting the AC signals into d ...

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A price interface for use in connecting a calculating and control unit with a multiprice vending apparatus, the price interface including a first register for storing the initial price value during a vending cycle and a second register for storing the current price value during the vending cycle.