Donald J Lyman, Richard G Middleton: Ureteral prosthesis. University of Utah, Thorpe North & Western, June 15, 1982: US04334327 (111 worldwide citation)

A ureter prosthesis fabricated from copolyurethane materials which are non-reactive in the urinary environment and adapted for fixation within a patient to avoid adverse migration. This ureter prosthesis can be adapted for intermediate location along a ureter or can be constructed with one-way valve ...

Donald J Lyman, Frank J Fazzio: Synthetic polymer prosthesis material. University of Utah, Criddle Thorpe & Western, November 6, 1979: US04173689 (74 worldwide citation)

A blood and body-tissue compatible synthetic polymer having mechanical compliance properties matching that of body tissue, useful in prosthesis as vascular grafts, skin covering, small diameter body duct work, and similar tissue replacement materials. A block copolymer having suitable body and blood ...