Donald J Gallo, Thomas L Roscetti, Alan E Emslie, Frederick G Hammitt: Liquid pipeline extended vane elbow. Exxon Research & Engineering Co, F Donald Paris, November 11, 1980: US04232710 (14 worldwide citation)

A system for suppressing cavitation in fluid pipeline passages such as fluid loading arms, particularly of the marine type, comprising extended turning vanes in the elbows of the loading arm, preferably in the upstream direction from the elbow tangent point, and also including the capability for adj ...

Donald J Gallo: Marine loading and bunkering arrangement. Exxon Research & Engineering Co, F Donald Paris, January 3, 1978: US04066098 (5 worldwide citation)

An articulated branch assembly comprising pipe member and appropriately arranged combinations of fluid carrying swivels, ball joints, or rubber hose is fixed to the outboard end of a conventional marine cargo loading arm. The branch assembly is used for bunkering vessels while the arm is supported o ...

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