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A data logger for a post-mix beverage dispensing system in a fast food restaurant includes a data logger control box and drink counting software for operating a microprocessor coupled to the logger control box. The microprocessor can determine the number and size of drinks sold in the restaurant for ...

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A transdermal drug delivery device possessing a drug-storing matrix and at least one drug delivery device-securing component is manufactured from the same flexible cellular thermoplastic resin workpiece.

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The performance of a treating agent added to a body of water employed in a cooling tower is continuously monitored by real-time analysis of a spectral or chemical characteristic of an inert tracer proportioned to the treating agent, said characteristic being indicative of tracer concentration, and c ...

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Water supplies are treated to inhibit the formation of scale deposits of alkaline earth phosphates, phosphonates, sulphates and carbonates using various hydrocarbon polymers which contain an amido functionality and which have been prepared by post-polymerization derivatization.

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The decomposition of phosphonates by chlorine in industrial process waters can be diminished or prevented by treating such waters with certain water-soluble nitrogen-containing compounds.

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A method for inhibiting corrosion in industrial cooling waters which contain hardness and a pH of at least 6.5, by dosing the water with a composition which comprises a water-soluble inorganic phosphate capable of inhibiting corrosion in an aqueous alkaline environment and a hydrocarbon polymer cont ...

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Multipole technology is used generally for charged particle optics which includes separating, focusing, or collimating "charged particles" (i.e., ions, electrons, etc.). A primary application of multipole technology is mass filters and particularly quadrupole mass filters. A quadrupole mass filter h ...

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A wound dressing possessing a wound exudate-absorbing component and at least one liquid-impermeable dressing-securing component is manufactured from the same flexible, cellular, thermoplastic resin workpiece.