Robert J Weyenberg, Don W Seidler: Packaging for controlled release of volatile substances. American Can Company, Robert P Auber, Ira S Dorman, Harry C Engstrom, March 20, 1979: US04145001 (102 worldwide citation)

A package having plural layers with a quantity of volatile substance such as deodorizer sandwiched between the layers. The outer layers of the laminate are impermeable to the substance and its vapors, and thus prevent escape of the vapors as long as the package is sealed. Upon opening of the package ...

Carl C Hein III, Russell J Lempke, Harold K Silver, Joseph J Spitz, Don W Seidler: Laminate including fluid compression rolled polymer. American Can Company, Robert P Auber, George P Ziehmer, Thomas D Wilhelm, October 14, 1980: US04228215 (25 worldwide citation)

A biaxially tearable, moisture barrier laminate is comprised of a film of fluid compression rolled polymer, and a film of heat seal material. The laminate is especially suited for use in the production of strip packages.