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The present invention provides for check-pointing an non-clustered workload to make room for a clustered workload that was running on a computer system that has suffered a hardware failure.

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The present invention relates to a collapsible trash container that holds a plastic grocery bag in an open position inside the container so that the plastic bag may be loaded with trash. The container is substantially rectangular having a base, four sidewalls terminating in an open top, and two deta ...

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A reusable dunnage device which cushions goods from normal shocks during transit and withstands extreme impacts without damage. A pair of elongate boards are disposed adjacent an elongate, flexible, inflatable rubber tube on opposite sides thereof and this combination is placed vertically between pa ...

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A fluid dispensing apparatus comprising a bag containing fluid, a container that provides support for the bag, a spike comprising a hollow stem through which fluid can flow, the spike being connected to the bag at a joint created upon the puncturing of the bag by the spike, and a dispensing mechanis ...

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In one embodiment, a system comprises a plurality of computing containers having processing resources for executing software workloads, a plurality of management processes for controlling access to the processing resources according to workload policy definitions, a data container for storing a plur ...

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In one embodiment, a method comprises executing respective workload management processes within a plurality of computing compartments to allocate at least processor resources to applications executed within the plurality of computing compartments, selecting a master workload management process to re ...




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A peripheral device for a computing device comprises a body configured for insertion into a storage cavity in the computing device, a first magnet, and a second magnet. The first magnet is disposed within the body proximate a first external surface of the body and having a first pole of a first pola ...