Don E Rainey: Ocean tide energy converter. Bacon & Thomas, June 24, 1980: US04208878 (60 worldwide citation)

A tide motor energy source includes a tidal piston with a valved chamber. The piston drives a hydraulic ram to generate electrical power through a pressure accumulator and hydraulic motor. The ram can be locked hydraulically to enable the tidal piston to be held fixed at a desired elevation and the ...

Don E Rainey: Preservation of perishable comestibles. Bacon & Thomas, March 17, 1981: US04256770 (21 worldwide citation)

Perishable food and like comestibles are preserved and/or rejuvenated by the placement of such products, together with a moisture pod preferably isolated from direct physical contact therewith, into a container constructed of a substantially air-tight moisture impervious but readily cold permeable m ...

Don E Rainey: Ocean tide energy converter having improved efficiency. Bacon & Thomas, January 29, 1980: US04185464 (20 worldwide citation)

A tide motor useful for converting periodic rising and falling water levels to useful work such as electric power generation includes a primary piston having a large enclosed chamber that can selectively be filled with air for generation of upward thrust when submerged in rising tidal water or fille ...

Don E Rainey: Power source using cyclically variable liquid level. Bacon & Thomas, June 17, 1980: US04207741 (14 worldwide citation)

An hydraulic motor having as an energy source a cyclically controlled rising and falling level of liquid in a working tank in which is provided a piston element having a liquid-tight hollow chamber that is arranged to move vertically with the rising and falling liquid level in response to buoyant an ...

Don E Rainey Jr: Apparatus for harvesting shrimp. November 9, 1993: US05259809 (13 worldwide citation)

A trap capable of harvesting commercial quantities of shrimp in the open ocean or in ponds is a wire mesh cage having shrimp capture gates in the form of truncated prisms, each sized to admit desired shrimp but exclude predatory fish. The inner end of each gate has a transparent hinged flap which sw ...

Don E Rainey: Moisture pod for the preservation of perishable comestibles. Bacon & Thomas, February 24, 1976: US03940062 (10 worldwide citation)

A moisture pod comprised of a flexible, porous water reservoir is enveloped in a water-impervious, flexible sheath. Registrating apertures in each of the reservoir and sheath allow water vapor to emanate from the pod to provide a stagnant, humid environment for a perishable comestible product when t ...

Don E Rainey: Coin controlled vending apparatus. Bacon & Thomas, July 20, 1976: US03970216 (8 worldwide citation)

Coin controlled article vending apparatus which features a hydraulic system to release a selected article from stacked horizontal position for dispensing.