Judy L Teske, Daniel J Baxter, Don A Daane, Brian D Borchers, David H Allen, Michael F Maas: Flexible VLSI on-chip maintenance and test system with unit I/O cell design. Control Data Corporation, Robert M Angus, Michael B Atlass, Frederick W Niebuhr, March 27, 1990: US04912709 (55 worldwide citation)

This application describes a peripheral cell structure for VLSI chips that requires the use of standard cells having both input and output capability connected to nearly all of the signal carrying pins. The cells function is alterable (to input or output and to where the data input signals originate ...

Judy L Teske, Brian D Borchers, Don A Daane, Daniel J Baxter, William G Ehrich: Clock monitor for use with VLSI chips. Control Data Corporation, Joseph A Genovese, Michael B Atlass, August 22, 1989: US04860288 (23 worldwide citation)

This application teaches that more accurate measurements of clock skew can be had by providing a clock monitor pin directly connected to the clock bus internal to the VLSI chip.

Don A Daane: Input register for test operand generation. Control Data Corporation, Joseph A Genovese, Michael B Atlass, July 11, 1989: US04847800 (10 worldwide citation)

Sequential faults are not tested for adequately when using test input operands generated in the chip from a random number generator to test the logic circuits in a very large scale integrated (VLSI) chip. Accordingly this application teaches the efficient construction of a test operand generator, us ...