Larry Rigby, Eric Steckel, Dixon Ford: Multi-functional endoscopic probe apparatus. Alton Dean Medical, Workman Nydegger & Jensen, October 19, 1993: US05254117 (265 worldwide citation)

A multi-functional endoscopic probe apparatus to selectively apply either a low or high frequency voltage to cut and cauterize. The apparatus has an elongated multi-lumen tube that is attached to a pistol grip having a multiplicity of functions contained thereon. The multi-lumen tube has a first lum ...

Dixon Ford, Steven Ford: Parenteral fluid warmer apparatus and disposable cassette utilizing thin, flexible heat-exchange membrane. In Touch Products Co, Workman Nydegger Jensen, September 14, 1993: US05245693 (182 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for heating parenteral fluids for intravenous delivery to a patient. The apparatus includes a disposable cassette which in one presently preferred embodiment is made up of a unitary member which is divided to form a serpentine flow path by a plurality of path separators. Thin, flexible ...

Dixon Ford, Steven Ford: In-line fluid heating apparatus with gradation of heat energy from inlet to outlet. In Touch Products Co, Workman Nydegger Seeley, January 10, 1995: US05381510 (174 worldwide citation)

A disposable, in-line heating cassette and apparatus for raising the temperature of fluids. The cassette comprises a spacer defining a sinuous or serpentine flow pathway interposed between flexible foils and mounted on a frame. The frame comprises inlet and outlet tubes and related input and output ...

Dixon Ford: Trailer hitch assemblies. Dixon Ford, TraskBritt, March 7, 2017: US09586450

A trailer hitch assembly sized and shaped to fit within a trailer hitch receptacle, wherein the trailer hitch assembly includes a first tubular element and a second tubular element. Each tubular element has an angled end, wherein the angled ends of the first tubular element and the second tubular el ...

Dixon Ford, Kenneth H Carter: Hitch mount assemblies including trailer hitch adapter sleeves. Rocky Mountain Hitch, TraskBritt, August 23, 2016: US09421836

Hitch mount assemblies include a trailer hitch receiver, a hollow sleeve inserted into the trailer hitch receiver, and a hitch mount inserted into the hollow sleeve. First and second planar end surfaces of sidewalls of the hollow sleeve lie in a common plane that is oriented at an acute angle to a c ...


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