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A warning device for monitoring a distance of a vehicle from an obstacle is described. The warning device includes at least one sensor for detecting an obstacle, an analyzing and controlling device for estimating a distance of the vehicle from the obstacle on the basis of an output signal of the at ...

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A parking aid system for a vehicle includes a device that measures the instantaneous distance of a vehicle part from an obstacle located in its path and generates at least one output signal indicative of the measured distance, as well as a device capable of issuing warning signals. An evaluating uni ...

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A parking assistance system for outputting parking instructions to the driver of a vehicle has a sensor device which is designed for performing a parking space measurement on the basis of parking space limits and generating parking space information on the basis of the parking space measurement; a p ...

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A radar device having means for generating a carrier-frequency signal, means for shaping pulses, means for generating modulated radar pulses from the carrier-frequency signal, means for emitting modulated signals as radar pulses, means for receiving radar pulses and means for processing the received ...

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In a method and a device for detecting the surroundings, carrier waves in the form of transmission pulses are transmitted by at least one transducer, and reflections of the pulses are detected by the pulse-echo method. In this manner, the successive transmission pulses of one transducer or various t ...

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An ultrasonic transducer having a pot-like casing has an outer bottom face which is designed in part as a vibrating diaphragm. A stabilizing ring is arranged on the outside of the wall of the pot-like casing, imparting a greater rigidity to the casing and limiting the ultrasonic vibration essentiall ...

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A control/evaluation system for a set of sensors, in particular in motor vehicles, has a plurality of areas, each of which has at least one controller and a plurality of sensor devices connected thereto; the controllers may be connected to each other for a common application function.

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In a method and a device for determining the position of an object in relation to a vehicle, for use in a driver assistance system of the vehicle, a first ultrasound pulse is transmitted by an ultrasound sensor situated on the vehicle, the ultrasound pulse including multiple predefined transmission ...

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Proposed is a method for measuring distance, which improves the resolution and the selectivity in an echo method, using propagation-time measurement. In this context, a received signal is sampled without first having to smooth the signal.

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A method for operating a surroundings-detection system of a vehicle includes at least one transceiver unit emitting a frequency-modulated signal and receiving echo signals of the emitted frequency-modulated signal. The received echo signals are associated with reflection sources, and a piece of info ...