Dina Kravets, Liviu Chiriac, Jeffrey Esakov, Suz Hsi Wan: Search data processor. Sarnoff Corporation, William J Burke, March 26, 2002: US06363377 (353 worldwide citation)

A tool to be used with a search engine for a information management system includes methods for refining, filtering, and organizing search queries and search results. A query tuner in the tool allows a user to automatically reformulate a query in order to find a reasonable number of matching documen ...

Dina Kravets, Suz Hsi Wan: Method and apparatus for performing motion analysis on an image sequence. Sarnoff Corporation, Thomason Moser And Patterson Sarnoff Corporation, November 22, 2001: US20010043721-A1

A method and concomitant apparatus for performing motion analysis on a sequence of images is disclosed. Initially, the sequence of images is received from a video source. The sequence of images captures a plurality of objects each moving along a trajectory in an area imaged by the video source. Moti ...

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