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An ultrasonic transducer having a pot-like casing has an outer bottom face which is designed in part as a vibrating diaphragm. A stabilizing ring is arranged on the outside of the wall of the pot-like casing, imparting a greater rigidity to the casing and limiting the ultrasonic vibration essentiall ...

Dietmar Wannke: Route guidance system. Robert Bosch, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 26, 2001: US06253149 (1 worldwide citation)

A navigation system is proposed which stores data concerning the motion states of the motor vehicle. The navigation system is usable as a trip recorder, in particular as an accident data recorder.

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An optical storage medium and a reading device are proposed, wherein the optical storage medium has the format of a credit card.

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A method for speech control of an electrical device includes acoustically inputting information by spelling in an electrical device, and outputting by the electrical device a recognized character or a recognized symbol or a recognized character- or symbol sequence for acknowledgment of the character ...