Kure Jensen Jens, Devlin Charles Louis, Walters Joseph John: Reconfigurable integrated controls and displays for a turbomachine.. Gen Electric, July 20, 1988: EP0275192-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

A control system for a turbomachine such as a steam turbine includes an integrated control and display system (32,34) with means for automatically reconfiguring itself for each phase of operation. In each phase, only those displays and controls (60,62,64,66) required during that phase are provided; ...



Kure Jensen Jens, Gordon Richard Sanders, Devlin Charles Louis, Krings Frederick Clifford: Dedicated microcomputer-based control system for steam turbine-generators. Gen Electric, December 11, 1981: FR2484105-A1

A dedicated supervisory control system for a steam turbine-generator comprising a hierarchy of microcomputer subsystems interactive with a conventional analog electrohydraulic control system to provide control and monitoring capabilities during all operating phases of the turbine-generator. The sepa ...