Charles Brian Cox, David Kent Bonds, Jay Jui Chieh Chen, Flaviu C Costescu, Joel Richard Dierks, Wayne Douglas Duello, Thomas L Frederick, Paul A Goud, Derek Stephen Hilborn, Richard Johnathan Hinkle, Terry Lee Hinkle, David E Jones, Theron Lee Jones, Patricia Fern Kavanagh, David W Kroeger, Robert Richard Leyendecker, Vladimir Pavlovic, Claudio Gustavo Rey, Ray M R Sewlochan, Emre Tapucu, Mark A Walker: Linear transmitter using predistortion. Glenayre Electronics, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness PLLC, March 24, 1998: US05732333 (238 worldwide citation)

A linear transmitter (101) using predistortion includes a modulator (103), a predistorter (107), a digital quadrature modulator (111), an upconverter (113), a power amplifier (115), and an antenna (117). In addition, the transmitter (101) has a feedback loop including a coupler (119), a downconverte ...

Jian Cui, Derek Stephen Hilborn: Maximal correlation symbol estimation demodulator. Nortel Networks Corporation, August 29, 2000: US06111910 (12 worldwide citation)

A maximal correlation symbol estimation (MCSE) method for estimating the symbols that are modulating an information signal component of a received signal, which can be applied to received signals that additionally contain an interference signal component, is disclosed. The method is achieved by corr ...

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