Derek J Gable: Locking mechanism. Denis V Bosley, Allen A Dicke Jr, April 20, 1982: US04325240 (49 worldwide citation)

Locking mechanism has both a key setting multiple tumblers to unique positions and a combination wheel for each tumbler so that opening of the lock requires setting each wheel to correspond to its tumbler position. For a single lock, different keys require different combinations. A mechanical record ...

Derek J Gable, Rick Pennington: Spinning flying toy with fluid release. Allan A Dicke Jr, January 11, 1994: US05277641 (29 worldwide citation)

Spinning toy carries a reservoir thereon with radially outward positioned discharge openings. When the reservoir is spun, water is discharged due to centrifugal forces resulting from the rotation of the spinning toy. A preferred embodiment is an aerodynamic disc.

Derek J Gable: Keysafe resetting mechanism. Multacc Corporation, Allen A Dicke Jr, August 4, 1992: US05134869 (19 worldwide citation)

A keysafe has tumblers which are set by a key-like programmer and has combination wheels which, when correctly set, have slots which receive the set tumblers. Thus, there is a unique combination for each programmer. In order to reset the combination wheels to their beginning, reference position, a s ...

Earl K Bushman, Derek J Gable: Play prolate spheroid game ball. Allen A Dicke Jr, October 17, 1995: US05458329 (19 worldwide citation)

The game ball is a prolate spheroid ball like an American football. It is of smaller size and lighter weight to be used by young people. The ball is characterized by a straight unobstructed cylindrical hole through the center. In one embodiment fins are provided on the outside to spin the ball. The ...

Derek J Gable, Roger H Sweet, Nicol S Wilson: Oil drainage apparatus. Sta Lube, Ralph B Pastoriza, June 7, 1983: US04386639 (19 worldwide citation)

A normally closed drain valve is substituted for the normal drain plug in a conventional automobile crank case. Rather than remove the normally provided drain plug each time the oil is to be drained, it is only necessary to open the drain valve. Opening of this valve is accomplished by a specially d ...

Derek J Gable: Throwing toy with improved adjustable and time flight measurement. Fulwider Patton, December 30, 2014: US08920267 (12 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method of adjusting the angle of attack to the longitudinal axis of a plurality of aerodynamic surfaces on a high performance throwing toy which affect the performance of such toy and to also provide a means of measuring such performance by recording the time the toy is airborne during ...

Derek J Gable: Food injection device. March 1, 2005: US06860197 (3 worldwide citation)

Food Injection Device has an injection tube member and integral handle, and a piston holding stand. The tube member is rigid and has a thin wall structure capable of piercing and penetrating a variety of food items and retaining the food items for future deposit into a second food item. The piston i ...

Derek J Gable: Throw and catch toy. Myron Amer PC, January 19, 1999: US05860879 (2 worldwide citation)

A badminton shuttlecock-type article of manufacture used primarily as a throwing toy against a wall having a novel "flip" during rebounding caused by a rubber ball front, in which distortion of the rubber ball upon impact against the wall is confined to the rubber ball surface making contact, and th ...

Derek J Gable: Perforating machine. Allen A Dicke Jr, November 27, 2001: US06321647 (2 worldwide citation)

The novelty perforating machine perforates paper, such as paper money and similar paper or paperlike sheet material, in a manner that the original purpose of the paper is not lost, but when it is held to the light, a light pattern representing the novelty is seen. Thus, a paper money bill can be per ...

Derek J Gable: Flexible strip with rolling and bending means. Mattel, Reagin & King, August 9, 1983: US04397465 (1 worldwide citation)

A toy vehicular track formed of a thin strip of flexible material having a pair of lines parallel to its length formed to enhance bending. The strip is connected at one end to a drum the rotation of which causes the strip to be rolled on the drum for storage. The strip fits through a shaper so that ...