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A molded case circuit breaker having a pair of movable contact arms arranged within a single pole utilizes a shunt clip between the movable contact arms to insure electrical continuity between the contact arms and the support base during intense short circuit interruption. A compression spring-drive ...

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A fully automated residential-type circuit breaker assembly is made possible by the provision of retaining slots and guide channels formed within the breaker case. The breaker case then serves as an assembly fixture for specially designed armatures and magnets used within the trip section of the bre ...

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A rotary contact circuit breaker having a venting arrangement to vent gasses operated by a short circuit interruption to a location substantially above the load strap of the breaker whereby electrical components are not damaged by the gasses and ionized gasses from different phases are conveyed in d ...

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Circuit breaker arc exhaust apertures in the line end of the circuit breaker case transfer arc gases from the circuit breaker interior during overcurrent circuit interruption. A flexible shield protects the circuit breaker terminal lug from arc gas contamination.

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An electrically conducting strap for use in a rotary circuit breaker cassette provides dual connectors to accommodate either an electronic or mechanical trip unit within the circuit breaker and electrical distribution system. The continuous, integral strap includes a first section including a fixed ...

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A circuit breaker design and process for high speed assembly utilizes a unique secondary latch arrangement to reduce frictional forces and increase the breaker calibration test yield. The design allows for interchangeability of the trip unit by first pre-assembling the arc chute cavity and operating ...

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An industrial-rated molded case circuit breaker employs a pair of movable contact arms to interrupt circuit current through each phase of a multi-phase electrical power distribution circuit. A contact arm guide outboard the movable contact upon overcurrent conditions. A pair of protrusions formed on ...

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An arc runner is fixedly retained on a load (or line) strap without hardware and without employing a mechanical operation. Either the arc runner or the strap has features, such as legs or holes, which engage notches or pins on either the strap or the arc runner and cause the arc runner to be retaine ...

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An interlock arrangement between a pair of industrial rated circuit breakers in adjoining circuit breaker compartments utilizes a pair of circuit breaker interlock units, one mounted on the rear surface of each circuit breaker. A corresponding pair of compartment interlock units are arranged within ...