Henry Henneuse, Denis Becq: Motorized rotary swivel equipped with a dynamometric measuring unit. Societe Natinoale Elf Aquitaine, Bacon & Thomas, December 28, 1993: US05272925 (74 worldwide citation)

A motorised rotary swivel for driving drill pipe in rotation is disclosed. The swivel includes a measuring unit for measuring a dynamometric behavior of the drill pipe which is mounted adjacent to the output of the motor between the motor and a torque wench assembly.

Henry Henneuse, Denis Becq: Motorized swivel provided with a dynamometric measurement unit. Elf Aquitaine, April 24, 1992: FR2668198-A1

Motorized swivel, for rotating a drill stem, comprising a motor (18) provided with a main shaft (20). According to the invention, the swivel (10) further comprises a measurement unit, including at least one sensor (44 to 64), mounted on an extension of the main shaft (20) adjacent to the motor outpu ...