Deng Zhiming: A food treating apparatus with a weighing scale. Deng Zhiming, August 2, 2006: EP1685783-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a food treating apparatus with a weighing scale. The weighing scale includes a casing, a weight display and a weighing pan. The casing of the weighing scale is provided with a sliding rail or a sliding plate. Correspondingly, the main body of the food treating appara ...

Li Jiangtao, Wang Jiayu, Deng Zhiming: Through-flow type guide blade body mating surface working process parameter calculating method. Dongfeng Electric Machine Factory, Sichuan, January 3, 2007: CN200610021402

A throughflow guide vane joggling surface processing technology parameter computational method, the method is: according to the Re and Rs are the distance from the guide vane turning centre to the top and end part joggling point of the guide vane processing projecting map A-A section, the He and Hs ...

Wang Jiayu, Deng Zhiming, Li Jiangtao: Through-flow type machine set water guiding mechanism. Dongfeng Electric Machinery Factory, Sichuan, January 3, 2007: CN200610021454

The present invention discloses a through flow type unit water guide mechanism. It includes the following several portions: guide blade, guide blade lower shaft, guide blade arm, sleeve, connecting plate, shearing pin, control ring and internal and external water distribution rings. Said invention a ...

Deng Zhiming: Combination of food processor and weighing unit. Deng Zhiming, June 20, 2007: CN200610034064

A combination of food processor and balance set is composed of a food processor and a balance set arranged on the casing of said food processor. Said balance set consists of a casing pivoted to the casing of food processor via axle rod and with a locking mechanism, a weight display, and a weighing t ...