Millicent Chen
Freddie Lee Massey, Deborah Ann Snell Tung, Millicent Louise Martin Shultz, Ben Duh, Charles Louis Kern Jr: Process to prepare a polyester resin. Shell Oil Company, Kim Muller, September 5, 2000: US06113997 (51 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed to prepare a polyester resin having a predetermined acetaldehyde (AA) content whereby the IV of the melt phase resin is constrained to a certain range resulting in a longer SSP time to achieve a higher level of IV for the resin with an AA content of 1 PPM or less. The resultan ...




Deborah Ann Snell Tung: Glass fiber filled polyester polymers. Shell Oil Company, Dennis V Carmen, July 14, 1998: US05780539 (2 worldwide citation)

A polyester polymer containing micro glass fibers having an aspect ratio of greater than 1000, preferably from about 2000 to about 5000. Those micro glass fibers having these aspect ratios, preferably with mean fiber diameters of 1 microns or less, act as excellent nucleating agents to promote cryst ...