Robert S Wegeng, M Kevin Drost, Charles J Call, Joseph G Birmingham, Carolyn Evans McDonald, Dean E Kurath, Michele Friedrich: Microcomponent chemical process sheet architecture. Battelle Memorial Institute, Paul W Zimmerman, September 22, 1998: US05811062 (230 worldwide citation)

The invention is a microcomponent sheet architecture wherein macroscale unit processes are performed by microscale components. The sheet architecture may be a single laminate with a plurality of separate microcomponent sections or the sheet architecture may be a plurality of laminates with one or mo ...

Monte K Drost, Robert S Wegeng, Michele Friedrich, William T Hanna, Charles J Call, Dean E Kurath: Microcomponent assembly for efficient contacting of fluid. Battelle Memorial Institute, Paul W Zimmerman, October 3, 2000: US06126723 (144 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a fundamental method and apparatus of a microcomponent assembly that overcomes the inherent limitations of state of the art chemical separations. The fundamental element enabling miniaturization is the porous contactor contained within a microcomponent assembly for mass tran ...

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