de Mestral Henri, Decosterd Albert, Calame Guy, DE Mestral George: Synthetic material textile filaments. Sobico, March 13, 1973: US3720055 (52 worldwide citation)

A synthetic material textile filament comprises an elongated core, a plurality of ribs around the core, each rib extending along the core, and a plurality of notches in the ribs distributed along the filament.

De Mestral George: Adhesive element in cloth form. Velcro, July 31, 1973: US3748701 (39 worldwide citation)

A fastening member is disclosed for use in a separable fastening device of the type including two fastening members each having an engaging surface defined by a plurality of hooking elements. At least one of the members comprises a base sheet having a plurality of resilient threads in the form of ar ...

de Mestral George: Paring knife. Groff Emory L, Groff Jr Emory L, April 23, 1974: US3805386 (3 worldwide citation)

A paring knife comprises a cutting blade and a guide member extending side by side from a handle, with an outwardly diverging passageway open at its outer end defined between a cutting edge of the blade and a blunt edge of the member.