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A block of deodorizing material for use in a room or similar confined space including an adhesive layer for conveniently affixing the block beneath a table, chair or other structure surface so that the block is aesthetically hidden from view. A removable protective film covers the adhesive layer and ...

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A personal communications system is described which includes components of software and hardware operating in conjunction with a personal computer. The user interface control software operates on a personal computer, preferably within the Microsoft Windows TM environment. The software control system ...

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A transrate manager on a host computer determines if there is a limitation in network bandwidth and controls the bit-rate of streaming media content accordingly. The bit-rate is controlled by excluding types of video frames from the streaming media content and then reintroducing excluded types of vi ...

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An output buffer for reducing switching induced noise in high speed integrated circuit devices incorporates a relatively small current carrying capacity secondary pulldown transistor (N1) element with the current path first and second terminal leads coupled in parallel with the current path first an ...

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A personal communications system enables the operator to simultaneously transmit voice and data communication to a remote site. The personal communications system is equipped with two telephone line interfaces to allow connection between two remote sites. The connection between the first remote site ...

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A tristate output buffer circuit provides overvoltage protection from voltage signals on a common bus having a higher voltage level than the internal high potential power rail of the tristate output buffer circuit. A high potential level pseudorail (PV) is coupled to the NWELL of a P channel output ...

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Strategies are described for transmitting control information from a host module to a client module. The host module transmits the control information in-band along with a stream of media content information packets. The control information can be used to govern the operation of the client module. I ...

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This invention relates to a method of producing peracetyloxazolines from peracetyl saccharides. The method involves reacting the starting material, a peracetyl saccharide, with a reagent combination, to directly produce the peracetyl oxazoline. This method may be used for the activation of oligosacc ...

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A cosmetic mask product is disclosed comprising first and second compositions for sequential application to the face of a consumer, one of said composition containing an effervescent agent and the other of said composition containing an acid component.

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Apparatus for delaying an electrical signal includes a sequence of stages, each for delaying the signal. A coarser stage delays the signal by multiples of a predetermined fundamental delay interval and a finer stage provides for fine adjustment of the delay. The fine stage includes an integral numbe ...