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Tricyclic compounds are described as well as methods for the preparation and pharmaceutical compositions of same, which are useful as inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases, particularly gelatinase A (72 kD gelatinase) and stromelysin-1 and for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, atherosclerotic p ...

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Devices and treatments for various joint conditions include a resilient elongate orthopedic device inserted into a joint space using a suture. The suture is passed through the joint space and used to pull the orthopedic device into the joint space. The suture may be using a percutaneously inserted n ...

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Methods, systems and apparatus, including computer program products, for storing web analytics data in a generic format. Multiple data elements are stored in a database in association with project identifiers, data type identifiers, and index numbers.

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709,966. Wrapping ice-cream &c. MIDLAND COUNTIES DAIRY, Ltd. Oct. 30, 1952 [Jan. 12, 1952], No. 981/52. Class 94 (1) In apparatus for wrapping a partially-frozen comestible such as ice-cream, a web 20 of wrapping material passes from a roll 12 through a former 14 which folds it into a tube about a n ...