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A welded intermediate transfer belt and process for making the same having a substrate made primarily of at least one polyimide polymer. The weld may be ultrasonically or otherwise welded and may have favorable properties such as relatively thin seam thickness and small weld steps. The weld may be o ...

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A weldable intermediate transfer belt having a substrate with a homogeneous composition of polyaniline in an amount of from about 2 to about 25 percent by weight of total solids, and a thermoplastic polyimide in an amount of from about 75 to about 98 percent by weight of total solids, and the polyan ...

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An Ethernet mapping enables high speed Ethernet data streams having a data rate of 10 Gb/s to be transported across a synchronous packet switched network fabric having a standard SONET OC-192 line rate of 9.953280 Gbaud. The 10 Gb/s Ethernet data stream is compressed by removing interframe gaps betw ...

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A flexible electrostatographic imaging belt comprising a support layer, a coating including a film forming polymer, and a permanent skewed seam. The electrostatographic imaging belt may be fabricated by providing a sheet having a parallelogram shape with slanted ends, the sheet having a first major ...

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A packet based telecommunication system, such as ATM, comprises a main data path and at least one bypass path, for bypassing a portion of the data path, the portion and the respective bypass defining a protection domain, the system comprising nodes for each of the domains, for monitoring respective ...

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A communications system is provided having SONET communications channels extending between first and second locations. The channels include pairs of forward and reverse channels for carrying traffic in normal operation between first and second locations and a protection channel for carrying traffic ...

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The activity of growth-associated receptors is modulated in vivo in a controlled and reproducible fashion by immunizing animals against target growth-associated receptors. This is accomplished by the use of immunogens predetermined to induce primarily agonist or antagonist responses. The immunogens ...

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Novel fusions of a phospholipid anchor domain and a polypeptide heterologous to the anchor domain donor polypeptide are provided for industrial use. Therapeutic administration of the fusions enables the targeting of biological activity to cell membrane surfaces.

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Systems and method for operating subsea devices and pressure compensated reservoir systems useful therewith which in certain aspects, include a chamber with a piston therein acted on an exposed side by water, e.g. sea water, to provide operational hydraulic fluid for operating a subsea device, with ...

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Biological effects of agents for diagnostic or therapeutic use are evaluated by administration of the agents to transgenic animals which are transformed with heterologous DNA and which are immune tolerant to the expression product of the heterologous DNA. In a further embodiment, preparations that a ...