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A communication system including a personal communication device that allows a user to communicate over the Internet with a network of multiple remote databases and to search the databases for desired product-related information from any location. The communication device includes an input mechanism ...

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Audiovisual programs are transmitted over a low-bandwidth network in a compressed form in which the number of video frames has been reduced by selecting "significant" frames. The user sees a series of still images accompanying an apparently full audio channel. The frames are downloaded to the user i ...

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Embodiments of the invention provide a substrate with a device layer having different crystal orientations in different portions or areas. One layer of material having one crystal orientation may be bonded to a substrate having another crystal orientation. Then, a portion of the layer may be amorphi ...

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A method and apparatus for electromagnetic navigation of a surgical probe near a metal object. The electromagnetic navigation system includes a transmitter coil array and a shield. The transmitter coil array has a plurality of transmitter coils and is operable to generate the electromagnetic field t ...

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A method and apparatus for use in imaging a body uses electrical impedance tomography (EIT). A plurality of electrodes are provided in electrical contact with the body around the periphery of the body. A first electrical input signal is applied to at least one of the electrodes over a first time per ...

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Disclosed herein are embodiments of a LED fluorescent tube replacement lamp and lighting modules from which the lamp is constructed. One embodiment of a replacement lamp includes a plurality of interchangeable lighting modules that are configured to be electrically connected to adjacent modules. The ...

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Disclosed herein is an LED-based light for replacing a fluorescent bulb in a conventional fluorescent light fixture. The LED-based light includes a housing having a first end opposing a second end, a circuit board disposed within the housing and extending along a longitudinal axis of the housing, at ...

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A cable holder has an outer surface to receive a cable wound therearound. The cable holder has two spaced apart apertures 1, 2, extending through the entire thickness of the body 3 for securing the cable to the body 3. The apertures 1, 2 can comprise holes or slits and can serve to grip the cable. T ...

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An interface for a peer-to-peer communications network, such as a token ring network, uses a master-slave serial communications controller and an adapter to enable the interface to operate in a peer-to-peer mode on the network.

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A nappy comprises a first liquid permeable layer 2 adapted to lie against a person, an outer layer 3 of liquid impermeable material, absorbent material 4 between the inner 2 and outer 3 layers and spaced tie members 7 connecting the inner layer 2 and the outer layer 3 together through the absorbent ...