David Scott, Frederic Stack, Coleman Stack: Pet safety restraint. Andrus Sceales Starke & Sawall, December 1, 1992: US05167203 (28 worldwide citation)

A pet safety restraint is disclosed for the restraining of a pet in a vehicle equipped with a seat belt. The pet safety restraint includes a harness portion for securement around the body of a pet, the harness portion having a pair of lateral straps for respectively extending along the sides of the ...

David Scott Trandal, David J Brahm: Methods and systems for inventory management. July 10, 2012: US08219558 (27 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to inventory management solutions, and in particular, to methods and systems for inventorying items and property over wireless and data networks, using digital imaging, positioning, RFID, and data terminals. The user experience in performing inventory management is simp ...



Ashley Bernard Johnson, David Scott, David M Eslinger: Jetting tool for well cleaning. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Gordon G Waggett, Robin C Nava, May 16, 2000: US06062311 (26 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for cleaning subterranean wellbores is described. The apparatus comprises a sleeve member which is fixed to a part of the drillstring and a rotatable jet head with nozzles through which an abrasive fluid is discharged. The nozzles are mounted such that the fluid jet is directed to an ar ...

Brian J Arkin, Garry C Gillette, David Scott: Parallel processing pattern generation system for an integrated circuit tester. Credence Systems Corporation, Smith Hill and Bedell, June 6, 2000: US06073263 (26 worldwide citation)

A parallel processing pattern generation system for an integrated circuit tester includes two pattern memories, a main pattern generator, and two auxiliary pattern generators. Each pattern memory may receive and store data patterns from a host computer before the test. All three pattern generators m ...

David Scott Allsup, Carl Fred Adams, John Daniel Stricklin: Circumferentially extending disc snubber. Seagate Technology, Crowe & Dunlevy, August 7, 2001: US06271987 (24 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is disclosed for reducing disc deflection in response to the application of a non-operational mechanical shock to a disc drive. The disc drive comprises discs rotatable about a disc axis and each having an outer diameter. A circumferentially extending snubber is provided proximate a sub ...

Ritchie David Alan, Beckham David Scott: Reagent pipette system. Sherwood Medical, October 23, 1973: US3767364 (24 worldwide citation)

A testing apparatus for automatically determining prothrombin times and other similar factor assays. A turntable conveyor moves successive blood plasma samples in containers to a test station where each sample is tested, pertinent information sensed and fed to a printer for readout. Preliminary to t ...

Mario Rosario Carlone Jr, David Scott Stucker: Inbred maize line PH2N0. Pioneer Hi Bred International, Pioneer Hi Bred International, September 26, 2000: US06124533 (24 worldwide citation)

An inbred maize line, designated PH2N0, the plants and seeds of inbred maize line PH2N0, methods for producing a maize plant, either inbred or hybrid, produced by crossing the inbred maize line PH2N0 with itself or with another maize plant, and hybrid maize seeds and plants produced by crossing the ...

David Scott Dunlop, Vicente Eduardo Leyba: Anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos containing certain cationic polymers. The Procter & Gamble Company, Andrew A Paul, Brent M Peebles, November 18, 2003: US06649155 (23 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are shampoo compositions that provide a superior combination of anti-dandruff efficacy and conditioning, and a method of cleansing and conditioning the hair comprising applying to the hair an effective amount of said compositions. The anti-dandruff and conditioning shampoos comprise: (A) f ...

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