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In several embodiments of the present invention, an alternator is disclosed. The alternator includes a rotor having both wound-field and permanent magnet poles. The wound-field and permanent magnet poles are disposed about the circumference of the rotor.



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An apparatus for receiving signals from a photodetector in a photodetector array. The apparatus has a number of comparators (e.g. 5) connected to the photodetector. each photodetector in the array has a similar circuit connected. Each comparator compares the output of the photodetector with an adjus ...

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An automated banking machine can identify and store documents such as currency bills received by a user. The machine can then selectively recover documents from storage and dispense them to other users. Identification devices can identify the type and character of a document, and distinguish genuine ...

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Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for verifying a message based on application of a hashing algorithm. In one aspect, a method includes obtaining a license, from a remote server, for a content item to be presented using a player file e ...

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An HVAC controller may be programmed to monitor a current delta T of an HVAC system and to determine a performance level of the HVAC system based, at least in part, on one or more delta T limits stored in the memory of the HVAC controller. The HVAC controller may be further programmed to display or ...

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An HVAC controller that monitors the performance of an HVAC system during its operating by comparing a monitored parameter value (e.g. delta T) to a pre-determined limit stored in the HVAC controller memory in order to determine if a performance limit has been violated. In some cases, the HVAC contr ...

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The new invention allows for easy retrieval of fall backs and eases the initial threading process upon initial opening/use of the package. Threading is done without removing the cap. Several of the embodiments allow refills to be inserted into the canister without removing the lid/cap. The layout of ...

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Apparatus and methods for magnetically enhanced electrical signal conduction are disclosed. An embodiment electrical connector comprises a connector body, a first active signal contact mechanically attached to and at least partially disposed within the connector body, a ground contact mechanically a ...