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A respiratory component mounting assembly includes a first respiratory component, a second respiratory component and a mounting clip for mounting the second respiratory component to the first respiratory component. Each of the first and second respiratory components includes at least two spaced apar ...

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The invention relates to the control of burners, e.g., for boilers or furnaces and has for its objective to provide means whereby the combustion conditions existing at a burner are initially governed by pre-determined conditions which conditions can be automatically maintained or improved during the ...

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An anatomically fitted belt is used for carrying one or more waist-mounted respiratory protection components. The belt includes a main belt portion and a belt buckle portion. The main belt portion includes a back section, a left side section, a right side section, a left connective section between t ...

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A convertible towing hitch which is used to tow a farm implement with a vehicle includes a U-shaped planar member. This planar member has a central connecting leg, a first extending leg, and a second extending leg. A two-way pivot alowing two degrees of rotational freedom is attached at a free end o ...

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A meter for measuring the rate of flow of a fluid comprises an inlet and outlet for the fluid, a surface intermediate of said inlet and outlet over which the fluid will flow in passing from inlet to outlet, a second surface maintained at a different temperature to the first surface and being connect ...