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A bottom hole assembly is rotatably adapted for drilling directional boreholes into an earthen formation. It has an upper stabilizer mounted to a collar, and a rotary steerable system. The rotary steerable system has an upper section connected to the collar, a steering section, and a drill bit arran ...

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A technique is provided for pumping fluids in a subterranean wellbore. A submersible pumping system can be deployed in a wellbore for moving desired fluids within the wellbore. The pumping system energizes the desired fluid movement by reciprocating a working fluid between expandable members.

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Power and control logic configurations for gas well dewatering systems are provided. In one example, a reservoir is configured to contain hydraulic, lubricating fluid. An electric motor is configured to receive fluid from the reservoir for lubrication and a hydraulic pump powered by the electric mot ...

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To perform a cleanout operation in a wellbore, a cleaning tool having a coiled tubing and an electrical pump assembly is run into the wellbore. The electrical pump assembly that is located in the wellbore is activated. In response to fluid flow generated by the electrical pump assembly, removal of d ...

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A submersible pumping system includes a submersible pump; a gauge disposed proximate the submersible pump; a Stirling cooler disposed proximate the gauge, wherein the Stirling cooler has a cold end configured to remove heat from the gauge and a hot end configured to dissipate heat; and an energy sou ...

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An electric submersible pump device having a motor part, a pump part, and a protector part. The protector part includes redundant shaft seal parts.

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A technique that is usable with a well includes communicating an untethered object in a passageway downhole in the well and using a cross-sectional dimension of the object and an axial dimension of the object to select a seat assembly of a plurality of seat assemblies to catch the object to form an ...

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An electric submersible pump device has a pump and a motor. The motor can be adjacent to the pump. A support member supports the sensor and has a length so that the sensor is located a first distance downhole from a downhole distal end of the motor.

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Apparatus and a method for delivering a rod in a cylinder including propagating a rod in a cylinder along the interior of the cylinder, and introducing a motion in an orientation orthogonal to a length of the rod, wherein the motion comprises multiple motion sources along the length of the rod, and ...

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Methods and apparatus for analyzing the material properties and behavior of cement as it hydrates under simulated downhole conditions. A wellbore cement simulator includes a temperature and pressure controlled innermost oil-filled container; an annulus in contact with the innermost container configu ...